Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm a Christmas Party Survivor!

Last Saturday we had a full house as 38 of our dear friends joined the Fiskerelli Bellies to celebrate Christmas. 
It was definitely a celebration, complete with twinkling decorations, very merry laughter, and food aplenty.
We lit the walkway to welcome our guests.  We have several entrances and didn't want anyone attempting the steep stairs in the dark.
We put food in various locations for easy access.  My kitchen is large, but narrow, and this helped with traffic flow.  Plus, when you are very full of yummy appetizers, you don't want to hunt for your dessert!

Ice cream dishes and pedestal glasses set on a platter created a dessert display.
The garage was set up with crafts and snacks for our school-age guests to enjoy.  My teenagers supervised, allowing the adults to relax and enjoy uninterrupted conversations.
(We did intervene when a game of "eat a cookie as fast as you can and then run around the table as long as you can" broke out.)
As for our Christmas Party Menu, it seems that was a success as well.  Be sure to check back to that post as I've begun adding links to recipes.  I'll be posting some new recipes from that list soon.


  1. That menu sounded really good! I love the idea of having a "kids area" too. Merry Christmas!

  2. So glad it went well! Merry Christmas!

  3. I'm glad that your party went so well! I hosted a Christmas party, too, but I didn't have as much planned. I've made mental notes from your post about how to do things a little differently (and better) for next year.


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