Friday, November 2, 2012

Everyone Needs a Mrs. June

One of the first people we met when we started attending our church about 18 months ago was Mrs. June. 

For those of you not familiar with southern speak, it's pronounced Miss June, but she's a widow so it's written Mrs. June.  June is her first name.  See how that works?  Good for you, 'cause it took me a while!

Mrs. June has a special way of making you feel like the most special person in the room.  She heard me sing and called me a songbird.  She ate my cooking and called me a chef.  She warns my kids, "I'm going to hug on your neck," and then she does just that calling them "the most wonderful children" as she squeezes.  She pats hubby's cheek and tells me I'm blessed.  She hugs him and tells him he's blessed.  Finally, she turns to me for a squeeze and tells me that she hopes God keeps us here a long, long time.

It happens every time we see her.  She hugs, encourages and compliments.  And then she tells us that she prays for us, and that she knows that God hears and answers.

I think everyone needs a Mrs. June.


  1. What a sweet blessing. Agreed, everyone does need a Ms. June.

  2. I agree! What a sweet lady! Everyone needs a Mrs. June.

  3. I love church ladies! I have a few Mrs.Junes of my own.

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