Sunday, April 1, 2012

Menu Plan 4/1

I've been working out the details of my new menu plan.  It involves some heavy freezer cooking which I plan to tackle in earnest over Easter vacation. {My kids may attend public school, but I still seem to have little time during their school week to get into bulk cooking.}

The idea of my new plan is to have weekday menus based around foods already prepped and in the freezer.  Then on the weekends, when meal time and kitchen time are a little more flexible, I'll make meals that involve new recipes or require more prep time.

Because this new plan requires a few days of freezer cooking I thought I'd make it easier on myself by making a mix and match menu with main and side dishes.

Main dishes:
(3x) Meatballs (in mushroom sauce over rice, in red sauce for spaghetti and subs)
(2x) Meatloaf
Grilled mini meatloaf

Pork roast
(2x) Pork BBQ
Pork adobo
Pork carnitas

(4x) Grilled chicken (Caesar salad and fajitas)
(2x) Cooked, cubed chicken (chicken alfredo, chicken gravy)
Chicken casserole
 (2x) Chicken parmesan (in strips and for pasta)

(6x) Rice (cilantro lime, fiesta, and fried)
(2x) Biscuits
(2x) Twice baked potatoes

I came up with these meals based on the meats I found on sale last week.  When I thaw the two giant pork roasts I will prep all the pork that day.  When I cook rice I'll make all six sides, and so on.  Tomorrow will be ground beef/turkey day.

There should be days when I just boil pasta or chop some veggies.  Given that I am wearing my chauffeur hat during the hours I would normally wear my cook's apron I think this sounds like a good plan.  I'll let you know how theory plays out in reality!

How do you streamline dinner time? I welcome your ideas!

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  1. Fantastic idea! Instead of blocking out whole days and dirtying every pot and pan in the house, you can just block out one reasonable chunk of time and only dirty a couple of pots. Genius!


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