Monday, March 19, 2012

Facebook Friends

Over the past two years I have reconnected with several people that graduated with me twenty years ago this June.  {Holy cow! That sentence makes me feel old.}

Facebook has allowed us to see pictures of spouses and children, home remodeling projects, vacations, and hobbies.  For some the twenty years have passed as we might have predicted, and for others we could have never imagined what the future would hold.

Though I wasn't close to many of the girls from my class, and often felt torn between my faith and fitting in, it's been fun to get to know them as adults.  Having grown up and faced some of the harshness of the world has made us kinder to each other.  We no longer have time for petty disagreements.

I know Facebook only gives a snapshot of our lives and doesn't allow for deep interpersonal connections, but I'm glad it has given me an opportunity to make "facebook" friends.

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  1. I enjoy facebook for the same reason. I haven't seen some of my "friends" in years, but it's nice to know how they're doing.

    And if it helps any, my twenty year reunion is next year.

  2. I totally agree. It's great to see some of my old classmates now and get to know them a bit. I think what I like more though is the Christians I "meet" on FB. It's pretty cool.


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