Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cheaper Than the Thrift Store {Dress to Skirt}

I don't always find my best deals at the thrift store.  The average price for a skirt in my area is $3.50 and a dress costs about $6, and they are in used condition.  Sometimes a better deal can be found on a brand new item with a little patience and creativity.

I was  pretty excited a couple of weeks ago when Walmart rolled out a rack of clothing marked at $2.  I snagged some shirts that the girls dressed up (more on that another time), but walked away from some summer dresses because I just don't do spaghetti straps. 

When the little knit dresses were still there a week later I decided to try one on as a potential bathing suit cover, and it dawned on me.  I pulled the top down to my waist and realized what a pretty skirt it would make.

If you can sew a straight line you can replicate this dress to skirt transformation in about fifteen minutes.

Use a couple of pins to mark the row of shirring you want to sit at your waist.  If I had left some more at the top I would have had a maxi skirt, but the first tier didn't sit at a very flattering place on my hips.

Measure a piece of elastic the same length as the circumference of the dress and sew it with a zigzag stitch one row of shirring above where you want the waistline.  For a smooth waistline sew between the lines of existing stitching.

Cut just above the elastic.  You want to do this after the elastic is in place as the elastic helps hold the shape.

Roll the raw edge down folding the elastic to the inside of the skirt, and sew down with a zigzag stitch.

This is the new waistband from the inside.  The zigzag stitch allows the elastic to stretch without pulling out stitches.

Voila!  A lovely lightweight knit skirt for just $2!


  1. That's fantastic! I love this idea and wish I knew how to sew.

  2. Love deals like that! I think I'd have to stick with the spaghetti straps and put a sweater over it. I so don't sew well!

  3. Love it!I'll be looking forward to using this tip for sure. :) My sisters and I love taking jeans that don't fit just right and turning them in to skirts.


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