Monday, April 19, 2010

Grilled Pizza

I have been wanting to try grilled pizza for months, especially with the warmer weather arriving.  But, I'm no Bobby Flay.  I could only imagine pizza crust running between the grates of the grill and a big doughy mess. When I was browsing AllRecipes I came across this pizza dough recipe and read some of the suggestions, many being about pre-baking.  Then a lightbulb went on!

I made the recipe and partially baked the crust in jelly roll pans (12x17).  The recipe is quite large, and I was able to get two crusts from one batch.  When they cooled I wrapped and froze them.

A few weeks later I thawed one for a test run of grilled pizza, topped as usual, and TA-DA!

The crust was much more crispy than I've been able to achieve in my oven, even with a pizza stone, and ... no steaming hot kitchen!  I'll be making several of these crusts on my next freezer cooking day for the summer months.


  1. I'm wanting to try new things on the grill this year also, I'm finding out more & more that our grills aren't just for hotdogs & hamburgers LOL

  2. I love a grilled pizza! What a good idea to pre bake it a bit first.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love grilled pizza it is so good, but then again who can go wrong with pizza? Have a great day Denise@cottagesisters

  4. Great idea on baking ahead. Looks delicious and perfect for a quick meal.

  5. Perfect. We do a lot of grilling here in the desert and pizza is one of those things. This one looks very yummy. Thanks for sharing.



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